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Kansas Aviation History

A public slideshow/lecture
by aviation writer/historian
Richard Harris
Sponsored by
Kansas Humanities Council

Program available* to:
  • Public Events & Shows
  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Museums
  • Government Agencies & Civic Events
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
    (*at little or no cost to public events, through the KHC; also available for others by special arrangement, outside KHC.)

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The awesome history of Kansas Aviation,
and how it transformed aviation worldwide.

From the world's first aircraft factory
to America's first successful commercial aircraft,

to famed pioneers like Amelia Earhart,
and legends like jet ace James Jabara.

From the world's biggest airline,
to the world's biggest airliner.

From the world's most popular light aircraft,
to the world's most lethal bomber,
to the world's fastest civilian jet.

It's an industry come alive
in dozens of cities, towns and open fields
throughout the Air Capital State.

Come see how it all happened,
and how it's happening TODAY!

Reviews by decision-makers
who have invited this presentation
to their groups:

  • Wichita History Professor Jay Price,
        Public History Program Director,
        Wichita State Univ.
      "Mr. Harris has been a popular speaker and a 'must have' for any local event involving aviation."

  • Park City LIVE! Program Director
         (and former Mayor) Dee Stuart:
      "WOW! I truly believe that -- in our 10  year history with the KHC -- we have never had a better program, nor a more entertaining speaker...
          Here in the Wichita area... most of us think we know quite a bit about about its history, but this man has it in his blood... just an excellent program."

  • Harold Walter, Chapter President,
          OX-5 Aviation Pioneers:
      "Richard [is] a walking encyclopedia of aircraft."

  • Parsons Museum Director
         Mike Brotherton:
      "Mr. Harris was especially good at 'making connections' [between the  audience and Kansas aviation]."

  • Linda King, Program Director,
         Wichita Genealogical Society:
      "Great speaker. A huge success!"





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