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These sample web sites are examples
of the web site designs by Richard Harris.
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For a summary of their common characteristics, and special advantages,
see the text at the bottom of this page.


Most of these web sites listed above are developed for MAXIMUM LEVEL OF COMPATIBILITY with ALL computers -- from hand-held 640x480 "smart-phones," to popular 1280x1024 laptops, to huge 3200x1800 big-screen monitors. They use the viewer's own preferred fonts (as set in their Internet Options settings), set to the size chosen by the viewer (using the View>>TextSize command from their own menu).

These web sites generally use the new, highly sophisticated, user-friendly "fluid design" web site display design technique, which adapts itself to any screen resolution, ensuring that the whole width of the screen is used, but without requiring any user -- regardless of their screen resolution -- to do "horizontal scrolling" to see the full width of the page.

And these web sites work without requiring ANY software other than your regular Internet browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera) -- NO need for Flash, Acrobat, QuickTime, javascript, oddball movie viewers, sound players, etc. -- and with minimal conflict (or none) on even the most security-restrictive computers.

For more information,
contact us at
(316) 371 9079
or e-mail us at rh1@iwichita.com