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The Aviation Answer-Man
Richard Harris
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the wide variety of aircraft
he has flown.


The Aviation Answer-Man
trys out the interactive screens
for the maintenance training simulator
for the world's most advanced business jet
the Hawker 4000



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Aircraft Educational & Background Information Can you look this up? 
While I'm looking up at this?

Is this the right approach? The Aviation Answer-Man provides instruction/information about aircraft, including particular makes & models: design, missions, value, pros & cons, history of development and use, operating guidelines, comparisons to other aircraft, safety history and image identification.

With a reference library containing over 1,000 pilot reports, aircraft analyses, aircraft handbooks and manuals, and specifications and performance data on over 2,500 different aircraft -- from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle -- the Aviation Answer-Man is an instant source of detailed information about virtually any aircraft in the world.  

The aviation Answer-Man also provides technical information about the aviation industry, military affairs, flight and ground operations, aircraft systems, products and services, and regulatory issues.

Used as a reference resource by aviation industry professionals and businesses, college professors, public officials, newspapers and television networks, and film producers, the Aviation Answer-Man is the first resource to turn to when you need answers.

Whatever your question, if it's about aviation, it's about time for you to call us.

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